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Vastu - Real Joy of Life

Relevance of Vastu is being increasingly used as a tool to analyze the role of a building in the health and fortunes of its owner and/or inhabitants. The scientific basis of vastu, in terms of energy is understood now than ever before. Vastu is the scientific study of directions, which aims at creating equilibrium by balancing the different elements of nature and using them for the benefit of human being.

There is a great significance of Vastu shastra in our life, as it paves way for happiness and prosperity to knock our doors. Vastu is very coherent in the sense that it is based on scientific study and not on assumptions. Vastu extracts the positive energies of the five basic elements of nature - the solar energy of sun, lunar energy of moon, wind energy, magnetic effects of earth and heat energy of fire, balancing them to bring harmony in the life of a person. In fact, a harmonious life with the nature is the theme of Vastu shastra.

Domestic Vastu include House planning, Bedroom, Bathroom, Toilet, Balcony, Cowshed, Children's Room, Doors, Drawing Room, Dining Room, Delivery Room, Entertainment Room, Food Storage, Garages, General Room, Guest Room, Kitchen, Laundry(placement of washing machine), Main Switch, Main Gate, Mezzanine Floor, Open Space, Portico, Patient's Rooms, Place of Worship, Servant Quarters, Stair Case, Study Room, Safe(Cash), Terrace, Trees, Verandah, Water Tank/Overhead Water-Tank, Well & Tube well, Windows, Watchman/security guard room, Weights & Equipment, Yoga & Meditation place etc. Every single aspect is considered thoroughly together with horoscope of owner/dweller for free flow of natural energy that nurtures blissfully and in abundance.

Vastu of commercial places are unique in many ways. It differs from business to business, industry to industry.
Hotels, Factories, Real estate Plot, Office, Commercial Complex, Mall, Shops and Business, Cinema Hall, Studios, Temple, Educational Institutions etc have Vastu requirement entirely different from one another.
Suppose, in cinema hall important considerations are location, shape, slope, direction and positioning of screen, ticket windows, entrance, viewer’s facing, projector room, canteen, toilet, manager’s room, stairs and lift, electrical panel and generators, water tank, waste disposal, parking etc.
But in Educational Institutions requirements and parameters will differ entirely. Here Shape, beams, direction and location of entrance, class rooms, windows, Principal’s chamber, staff room, library, laboratory, administrative block, canteen, play ground, tube wells, generators and electrical panels, drainage system, hostel for boys and girls are considered differently in comparison to cinema halls. Because flourishing energy required for cinema hall is on different pitch and flourishing energy required for educational institution is on different. Crowd of both the places differ in purpose and attitude.

You need to send photographs of the place that should be self explanatory in nature as to direction, contour of the plot, overview of the whole building etc. However, Vastu consultancy through personal visit is also available depending upon the availability of time and convenience.

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