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Personal Tele Consultations

A consultation with Acharya Pawan Kumar is useful at any time to gain understanding into life, but also when you feel you are at a crossroads in life and not sure of your next direction. You can personally discuss your issues and problems with Acharya Pawan Kumar over Phone. In this service only time is fixed (15 minutes) while there is no restriction regarding the number of questions or topic on which the questions are being asked.

Write to us with your convenient timings depending upon your location. We will get back to you and confirm if the same time slot is available and convenient to us.

You may send us a feedback via E-Mail once the Live consultation is over and enquire about any doubts that you may be having about the same. You may also reconfirm any remedies that may have been suggested during the conversation.

Note: You can discuss only one horoscope in this scheduled 15 minutes of time. It is always better if you prior prepare your probable questions for optimum utilization of tele guidance.

Cost of This Report is` 2100/-

Tele consultancy will be scheduled within 7-10 days from receipt of payment.






Now ask any five questions related to your Query

Package cost : Rs. 2100/- (convert it in your currency)

Delivery Mode : Digital (email) or Through Telephone

Shiping Location : World wide

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