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Education Studies

Knowledge is the key word for the New Age success as it assumes importance in almost all walks of life. Education Guidance refers to programmes intended to assist individuals of any age and at any point throughout their lives, to make education, training and occupational choices and to manage their lives.

There are many branches of education where one can excel like Arts including fine arts and social sciences and humanities, Commerce- business management, accountancy etc., Sciences include pure science, engineering, medical, agricultural, pharmaceutical etc., Advertising and media, IT and computers, Defence Studies, Education in Travel and tourism, Fashion technology, Banking and insurance, Hotel management, law etc. These days Event management has also become a distinct option.

Young person is caught up in a confusing situation where making a decision is almost impossible. First of all, you should develop an understanding of yourself, including your values, interests, aptitudes, abilities, personal traits and desired life style. You must also become aware of the relationship between self and occupational choice.
Here astrology comes to rescue and provides a distinct educational options to a native.
This information is helpful not only for fresher but also throughout one's life.

Moon, Mercury and Jupiter play vital roles in learning and education. This is because education needs mental inclination and ability, intelligence, thinking and memory. Jupiter should be taken as the chief karaka for education as it is the planet of knowledge, wisdom, creativity, intuition, thinking and memory.

Astrology can provide some broad-based pointers and some specific pointers to the native. Planetary configuration and signification of the houses can provide clues to your educational prospects, levels of achievement and proficiency. Of course, there are exceptions like geniuses, superstars of entertainment and sports, business tycoons who have succeeded in life without even the basic education.

There are many more facets of education from Astrological point of view like education in India or in Foreign land, chances of getting scholarships, admission into best schools, colleges and universities, success in competitive exams conducted by almost all premier institutions, or will have to compromise with choice of colleges, subjects etc.

My astrological counseling will give you the clear cut subject and branch of study options so that you can excel in that area. In this new age no subject is more important and less important but the only thing that is required is your 100% effort and excellence.

Students and parents should contact to discuss detailed line of education at appropriate time in their ward’s life so that proper education choice may be fixed to achieve maximum out of life.

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Package cost : Rs. 2100/- (convert it in your currency)

Delivery Mode : Digital (email) or Through Telephone

Shiping Location : World wide

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